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Cyber Sale Weekend Deal #1: Trademark Inspector To Protect Your Shop

Learn how to use Trademark Inspector to help protect your shop from any infringement on Etsy!

Guards all of your Etsy listings for you to make sure you’re not accidentally using trademarks, helps you get protection from frivolous lawsuits
Get alerted if new trademarks are filed
Bulk upload lots of phrases at once
Normally a monthly fee… included in EasyPOD


Cyber Sale Weekend Deal #2: Too Easy Tags to UNLOCK Hidden Tag Gems

This tool allows you to find the GOLDEN tags needed to get eyes on your listings.

This tool is an Etsy game-changer. You can enter in words and get tag ideas in seconds, boosting your Etsy SEO game.

Look at competitor listings and see what tags they’re using — this is no longer publicly available on Etsy, so it’s a stealthy little research tool.

This simple but mighty tool should help you tremendously in making more sales.

Normally a monthly fee… included in EasyPOD

Cyber Sale Weekend Deal #3 : LIFETIME ACCESS To Etsy SEO Case Study Shop!

This case study shows you how to master outsourcing quickly and efficiently.

Trade 5 store reviews every month to your Etsy store, in a completely within Terms-Of-Service way
$400/month service if you hire other people (we looked into it) publicly available on Etsy, so it’s a stealthy little research tool.
You leave 5 reviews to others, they leave them for you, in our first-in-class review network

Excellent way to boost more sales to your store

Normally a monthly fee… included in EasyPOD

Here's a Recap Of Everything You're Getting



Get top-notch keyword research every month that shows you the items lots of people are searching for but there’s not that much competition.

The intention here is to give you epic new product ideas and low-hanging, simple sales.

Retail Price: $100/month

Included with Membership



Our world class designer will be making you fresh mockups every month, both for bestselling products as well as unique products.

These mockups are incredible, eye catching, and really stand out from other Etsy and Amazon listings.

Retail Price: $250/month

Included with Membership



Every month we put out a new case study or bootcamp. Others pay individually for these, but you get them included as part of your membership.

This is an EXCEPTIONAL part of the case study, as we often highlight things that you might not have planned before.

We do these case studies LIVE so you can come on and ask questions.

We’ve done case studies on:

– How to profit with Faire
– How to make sales with ornaments, candles, printable products
– Etsy store start from zero – watch and see the entire thing
– Outsourcing For Success
– Creating Automated Printables

…and so much more. Every month you’re a member you get these new case studies, ready to go.

As you can see, this is HUGE – and each page of this bonus covers the entire investment for the BLACK FRIDAY DEAL HERE.

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