Discover how to turn Digital Printables into Passive Sales!

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Discover How To Start a Successful Business
With Digital Printable Products!

If you’ve been following Low Hanging System and loving the sales you make from physical products…

Or even if you haven’t, but love the idea of earning more sales from Etsy…

You’ll definitely want to consider selling printable products.

Turns out these are an excellent asset class to get in to, and can generate some really awesome sales.

But before I get into why, I’ll backtrack a little bit..

See, I never knew selling printables on Etsy was even a THING until the last couple years. But as it turns out,

There Are Etsy Stores Selling
Thousands Upon Thousands
Printable Items!

I’ll get into the different types of printables that exist, but just to whet your appetite and show you a few different categories where sellers are knocking it out of the park…

It goes on and on and on.

These are all people selling mostly DIGITAL items that are getting extraordinary results.

And these are just some – there are so many other Etsy stores that have epic results like this.

Here are just SOME of the types of digital downloads people are happily buying:Shopping Bags on Skype

There are countless sales for items like:

🛒 Checklists

🛒 Invitations

🛒 Bingo games they can print out

🛒 Stickers

🛒 Gift cards

🛒 Educational materials

🛒 Printable wall art

🛒 Coloring sheets

🛒  Planners

🛒  Patterns

🛒  Microsoft Excel/ Google Sheets templates

🛒 SVG graphic files

🛒  Printable Valentine’s cards

🛒  Artwork

🛒 …and so much more!

Not only are they in high demand,
but they’re MEGA easy to fulfill.

Now, I love selling physical items. In no way am I saying to NOT sell them.

They’re awesome – higher margin and have made me millions of dollars (gross revenue) throughout the years.

And… printables are great to add to your portfolio.

When you have them, there’s:

❌ No sizing issues

❌ No complaints about formatting

❌ No slow shipping suppliers

😃 Very easy to make a customer happy

Because of that, it’s super easy to get great reviews, too.

And since customers can download these and walk away…

This makes YOU 
daily, weekly and monthly sales!

Of course, you might still have customer issues pop up from time to time… AND, these, by nature, will have far fewer issues.

I say this from experience.

Now truthfully, my normal low hanging stuff isn’t very stressful.

That said, I’ve noticed my digital stores are pretty much ZERO issue.

As long as you make the file easy to download, people see exactly what they’re getting on the thumbnail. It’s very straightforward.  Easy peasy. 

I say this from experience:

Our less-than-6-months-old store has generated HUNDREDS of sales…

When I started seeing how many sales some of these top sellers were getting, I wanted to see if this was something you and I could profit with.

We ran a few tests and saw some pretty compelling results:

And the sales go up every single month.

Another store we had, maybe a month or two older, racked up another 311 sales.

On top of that, we plugged some printables into one of my main stores and they sold:

Digital item #1 – 484 sales

Digital item #2 – 221 sales

Digital item #3 – 188 sales

Digital item #4 – 122 sales

Digital item #5 – 108 sales

Digital item #6 – 94 sales

Digital item #7 – 45 sales

Actually, 7 of our top 10 bestsellers in that store are now digital printables.

So – we’ve made well over 2,000 sales with these digital items all together!

All of this has been super easy, and it’s been making me think…

You can do this, too. 

That’s why we’re putting together a printables course that you can use to start selling your own digital assets.

This is a fun way to generate hassle free income, in addition to what you’re doing with Print on Demand sales.

In fact, this can be an excellent way to boost your Etsy or Amazon sales – you’ll see why in a minute here, but for now…

Printable Profits

This is a 6-week immersion course where you’re going to learn everything you need to know about setting up a thriving printables store.

It’s going to be led by Kimberly, an epic member of my team, who has been spearheading our digital campaigns.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Week #1: Upload Your First Listing

In our first class, you’ll learn about:

– Bestselling printable ideas that you can start selling right away

– The difference between different file types you can profit from (SVG’s, PNG’s, digital invitations, personalized printables, and so on)

– See our exact Etsy shop that has generated 526 sales (and counting)

– Watch us upload a listing live, so you can easily copy… (you’ll also get a YouTube walkthrough guide on how to do this)

– Learn about a free online tool to turn your existing print on demand PNG’s into SVG files (this one is SO GOOD!)

The call will be live so that you can either ask questions live or send questions in advance.

You’ll also have access to transcripts, PDF follow-along files, and links mentioned.

Week #2: Get SEO Love To Your Listings (AKA Bring In The Traffic)!

In this class we’ll:

– Check in and see how your first listing went, do any troubleshooting to make sure you’re on pace…

– Help get you trained on search engine optimization for Etsy (different than Amazon) so you can make as many sales as possible

– Live demos of how to create MORE printables inside Canva and PicMonkey

– Learn how to edit your existing designs and re-sell them (such an easy win!)

– Get some top-selling design ideas that you can implement right away

…and a bit more.

The call will be live so that you can either ask questions live or send questions in advance.

You’ll also have access to transcripts, PDF follow-along files, and links mentioned.

Week #3: Keep The Sales Coming With Commercial-Free Image Sources + Making Your Own Easy-Art

In this class we’ll:

– Check in with your listings and make sure sales are going well, troubleshoot anything you might need

– Share some of the best commercial free sources to EXPLORE (fun!) such as CF, THJ, and more… 

– Learn about some new printables you can start selling

– Get live updates on our case study store…

…and a bit more, including any questions you might have.

The call will be live so that you can either ask questions live or send questions in advance.

You’ll also have access to transcripts, PDF follow-along files, and links mentioned.

Week #4: Sell More With Etsy Analytics, Increase Order Value, Learn To Sell Digital Invites And E-Cards

This week is going to be extra fun!

You’ll be learning:

– How to price different printables for maximum profit and sales

– How to stand out from any competition (we’ve got some epic tips here)

– How to sell digital invitations and e-cards 

– How to read Etsy analytics for maximum success

– …and a bit more, including an exclusive invite into our “Review Club” so you can get your first 10 reviews quickly.

The call will be live so that you can either ask questions live or send questions in advance.

You’ll also have access to transcripts, PDF follow-along files, and links mentioned.

We’re going to hook you up with a Week 5.

In this BONUS class you’ll be learning:

– How you can bundle related products together and increase your order value

– How to increase the sizes of your printables to make them worth more

– Some marketing techniques you can do to increase you sales quickly

You’ll also get a FREE digital calendar template you can plug and play and start making sales with.

The call will be live so that you can either ask questions live or send questions in advance.

You’ll also have access to transcripts, PDF follow-along files, and links mentioned.

You’re even getting a Week 6 to make sure you’ve got everything you need to succeed. In this week you’ll learn:

– Learn even more ninja-style printables most people have never even thought of selling…

– How to sell coloring sheets

– Live: see how our store has been doing – live look-over-our-shoulders for all sales

…and a bit more, all in service of setting you up for success.

The call will be live so that you can either ask questions live or send questions in advance.

You’ll also have access to transcripts, PDF follow-along files, and links mentioned.

So, what's your investment?

Before I tell you the investment on this, I’m going to walk you through the MATH of how much we’ve made so far. That will help you make a logical decision on if this is a good option for you or not.

First, I mentioned that we launched ONE new store a little more than 6 months ago now.

You can see the results from that store here:

And this is all DIGITAL income, meaning that it’s mostly ALL profit after you take out Etsy fees.

And we haven’t put *that* much time into it.

And then we have sales for other stores, too – another $300 or so in one of our printable stores, and then another one has generated 1262+ sales… which is ANOTHER four figures in revenue.

So… for this class to even be $1000 would be super fair, as we’ve duplicated it over and over again…


😃 We give you templates to save you time (super valuable)

😃 You get all your questions answered (no time wasted on trial and error)

😃 You learn how to bring in sales

😃 You create a brand new income stream

😃 …and as a bonus, this whole thing is a lot of FUN!


For NOW…

You can get in for a one time investment of $497.

After we do the course and generate lots of student results, the price WILL rise.

As you can see, this is a PHENOMENAL deal and one week alone covers the entire investment.

The only thing for you to do now is click the button below and sign up for this great package.

You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you and we’re looking forward to seeing you inside.

With love,
Rachel and Kimberly

P.S. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions people have asked…

I have no (or limited) experience with Etsy – would this work for me?

Yes – whether you have experience or not, this training will show you exactly how you can get started.

It’s actually a very beginner-friendly business model as digital products are hands off and pretty set-it-and-forget-it.

You can also ask questions, we’ll be checking in to make sure that your listings are uploaded, and you’ll get the typical premium support you can expect from our team.

What type of products will I be selling?

You can sell all kinds of digital printables. We’ll go over a ton of options for you, and we’ll even give you done-for-you templates for things like invitations, budgets, planners, wall art, and more.

Do I have to run Facebook ads?

No – this is a complete “set it and forget it” tool, set very much on easy “set it and forget it” principles.

I don’t live in USA. Will this still work for me?

Yes – people from all over the world sell on Etsy.

How many people are you going to let in? I don’t want there to be too much competition.

This is a point I’m a bit passionate about.

Before I started selling via the low hanging model, there were hundreds of thousands of items on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. It didn’t stop me from making multiple 6 figures in my first year (with Amazon).

Even if 1,000 people used this program, we would be a fraction of the people who are already selling.

And even from there, only a fraction of people will even implement the program.

Don’t let “competition” stop you.

What other costs are involved?

You don’t need any paid integrations or outside costs for this.

There is nothing to buy when you sell digital printables, outside of Etsy fees.

Canva is free too – you can upgrade if you want, but if you want to keep it cheap you can do that without spending anything as well. 🙂

— What’s next? —

Hopefully this has helped give you more insight into what’s behind this course.

Sign up now if you’re ready to get going!

And as a reminder, when you purchase today, you’ll be getting some extraordinary done-for-you templates you can use to start selling immediately:

– E-card templates for digital invitations that you can customize

– Editable template bundle of digital planners and resume templates (these sell so well!)

– “What You’ll Be Getting” Templates you can give to your customers (this helps a lot with getting great reviews)

– Printable wall art mockups

– SVG File Delivery and Guide

– PDF Guide on how to bundle listings to increase order value

– Bonus: editable trackers like habit trackers, water tracker, expense tracker, and so on… these are SO valuable!

Plus you’ll be learning:

– Training on exactly how you can sell lots of digital printable items (Kimberly and I have collectively sold thousands of these items in a pretty short time)

– Learn all the different types of digital items you can sell – some of these are really surprising…

– Follow along with my Etsy shop and see exactly how many sales we’re bringing in and WHAT is selling…

– How you can take your existing “print on demand” designs and instantly turn them into sellable printables…

– Etsy SEO tweaks to help you get in front of as many buyers as possible

– How to make a lot more from digital items than people think is possible… (including some very cool case studies)

– Access to a tool that’ll help you get your first 10 reviews quickly and easily, even if you haven’t made sales yet

…and a bit more, all in service of setting you up for success with this fabulous – and proven – business model.

Ready to go? ✨ Sign up now! ✨