Unleash the Profit Potential of Teddy Bears with Our Comprehensive Bootcamp ✨🧸🎉

If you’d like a new product to add to your low hanging catalog, we’ve got an epic new bootcamp for you.

Every bootcamp we make is for a product that meets this checklist:

✅ High margin product where there’s lots of profit for you

✅ Very little competition so it’s easier for you to stand out

✅ Hungry buyers who are actively searching for this

✅ We’ve tested and gotten RESULTS with this

And since we have a product that meets all this criteria, you’re seeing this page. 🙂

Here Are The Results We’ve Seen In Under 6 Months Of Selling Teddy Bears: 

I put up my first teddy bear on Amazon about 5 months ago (as of today, when I write this letter).

I haven’t spent a lot of time promoting but so far…

357 teddy bears sold on Amazon
(see “Units Sold”)

Around the same time I threw some up on Etsy and got more results there too:

Another 124 sold on Etsy…

As alway results are not necessarily typical. And again, this is a relatively new-to-us product. Not bad!

Here’s what you’re going to learn
in our comprehensive bootcamp:

This is a 4-week comprehensive immersion bootcamp where you’re going to learn a ton about selling teddy bears.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Week 1:

  • Learn how to sell teddy bears
  • Create your first teddy bear listing on Etsy
  • Get everything you need to get set up selling for success
  • Get your questions answered (either live or send them in beforehand)

Week 2:

  • Research in-demand niches for designing your bears
  • Figure out which niches have high demand and low competition (the “sweet spot”!)
  • Get your questions answered (either live or send them in beforehand)

Week 3:

  • Learn how to optimize for organic sales
  • Learn which keywords work best (and which don’t at all)
  • How to optimize your title, tags, description
  • AI bonuses for how to make sales in as easy of a way as possible
  • Get your questions answered (either live or send them in beforehand)

Week 4:

  • Add personalization to your teddy bears
  • Ways you can infuse even higher profit margin into your products
  • How to add coupons to your listings
  • Get your questions answered (either live or send them in beforehand)

The beauty of this bootcamp is while we do have an outline the calls are LIVE so it’s an interactive experience where you can ask any questions you have. Win-win. 

And of course there will be recording replays of all calls so that you can easily watch or re-watch at your convenience level.

You’ll also get some epic bonuses:

First, you’ll be getting teddy bear mockups from our world class designer. These should help you stand out from the crowd and be able to sell a lot more.

Here’s a sneak peek of everything you’ll get:

(They obviously look smaller in thumbnail version but each mockup is fabulous, big, and shows the entire image that you’ll be putting on the teddy bear.

On top of that, we’re also going to be hand-delivering you 100 high-competition keywords for this product.

You will of course be getting training on how to find these niches on your own, but it never hurts to get done-for-you research delivered right to your computer. 

This should really help set you up for success. 🙂

And it’s not just us saying that.

Here’s what people have said about past bootcamps:

“… I know for a fact I wouldn’t have made the sale without the bootcamp.”

“GREAT webinar… fantastic training”

“…has been fantastic.”

Wonderful.. thank you so much!”

“Sold my first blanket… The skills taught in the bootcamps are priceless!”

So, what’s your investment?

Before I tell you the investment on this, I’m going to walk you through the MATH of how much we’ve made so far. That will help you make a logical decision on if this is a good option for you or not.

First, as of the time of writing this, I’ve sold 481 teddy bears.

I’ve experimented with different price points, but let’s say there was a $5 take-home profit margin on each one (there’s actually more than that).

That would be pure take home profit of $2405 with more sales coming every week.

The bootcamp is an investment and we believe the results we’ve shown make it worthwhile. In just 4 weeks you’ll see how to sell teddy bears with high profit margins and low competition. We’ve tested and refined our strategies and can show you exactly how we’ve gotten these results.

So… for this class to even be $1000 would be super fair, as we did 2.5 that in our first 6 months…


😃 We give you done-for-you keyword research to save you time (super valuable)

😃 You get world class mockups from our top designer

😃 You get all your questions answered (no time wasted on trial and error)

😃 You learn how to bring in sales and create a brand new income stream

😃 …and as a bonus, this whole thing is a lot of FUN!


For NOW…

You can get in for a one time investment of $297.

After we hold this bootcamp and generate lots of student results, the price WILL rise. 

As you can see, this is a PHENOMENAL deal and one week alone covers the entire investment.

The only thing for you to do now is click the button below and sign up for this great package.

You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you and we’re looking forward to seeing you inside.

With love,
Rachel and Kimberly

P.S. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions people have asked…

Will there be replays of the calls?

Yes, we will have replays and transcripts of all calls so this is as easy as possible for you to keep up with. If you start late you’ll still be able to access all replays as well.

I have no (or limited) experience with Etsy – would this work for me?

Yes – whether you have experience or not, this training will show you exactly how you can get started.

You can also ask questions, we’ll be checking in to make sure that your listings are uploaded, and you’ll get the typical premium support you can expect from our team.

What is the support like?

Our support is unmatched in this industry. You’ll have access to live calls with Q&A sessions where you can ask questions and get personalized feedback. 

You’ll also have access to a community of other participants who can offer support and feedback. This creates a sense of community and support that can make all the difference.

Do I have to run Facebook ads?

No – this is a complete “set it and forget it” tool, set very much on easy “set it and forget it” principles.

I don’t live in USA. Will this still work for me?

Yes – people from all over the world sell on Etsy so you can too.

How many people are you going to let in? I don’t want there to be too much competition.

Don’t let competition stop you from joining. Even if a thousand people used this program, we would be a fraction of the people who are already selling. And even from there, only a fraction of people will even implement the program.

Should I sign up for this if I am an EasyPOD or Launch100 Member?

This is included in your membership so look in your Members Area when we officially launch. 🙂 

What other costs are involved?

You don’t need any paid integrations or outside costs for this.

Etsy charges .20 per listing and then fees after you make a sale, and of course you’ll pay for the products you sell after you make a sale. You’ll price your items so you can make great margins.

— What’s next? —

Hopefully this has helped give you more insight into what’s behind this course.

Sign up now if you’re ready to start selling teddy bears!

And as a reminder, when you purchase today, you’ll be getting:

– 4 weeks of custom training on what has generated thousands of dollars in sales…

– World class mockups…

– Done for you keyword research

– …and a bit more. You’ve seen the results that other people have gotten with this so it’s a pretty solid deal.

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