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Step 1: Access SpotNiches For Life!  (optional)

This is an optional tool that can help you in your high profit-margin journey.

Why SpotNiches? Here’s a Glimpse:

  • Has the potential to find bestselling keywords for you (searches for what people are looking for and there aren’t a lot of competition for)
  • Get hungry niches delivered to you, absolutely FREE for the rest of your life.
  • Is a MAGNIFICENT complement to the LHS model.

For purchasing this program, you can get access to SpotNiches – lifetime – at a discounted rate. $297 now, normally $97/month.

Grab SpotNiches Forever Here. 🙂

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Make sure to register here for the High Profits Bootcamp to ensure you’re on board for the live webinars, recordings, toolboxes, and all the exclusive goodies waiting for you. We’ve put a LOT into this to make it mega-useful for you. 🙂

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P.S. Curious about other resources? Here are some of our most popular ones:

Printable Profits Learn how to sell printable products like SVG files, digital invitations, and more with this course.

Ornament Bootcamp We actually will be covering ornaments as one of our high margin products for a week, but this one is super in depth with all the nitty gritty.

EasyPOD Mastermind Step into the spotlight with EasyPOD Mastermind – the VIP club for print-on-demand sellers. Imagine having a legal guardian angel that aims to ensure you’re not accidentally using trademarks which can get you kicked off Etsy – that’s our Trademark Inspector for you, included in your membership. And with ‘Too Easy Tags’, you’ll have the Etsy world at your feet, potentially watching your store soar in visibility. Also included in your membership.

But wait — there’s more. 🙂 You also get case studies, interactive workshops, and live coaching calls. You also get 5 reviews to your Etsy store each month that helps you not just ride the wave, but *become* the wave with EasyPOD Mastermind.